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Within each of us is the potential to authentically connect with every other person. This has profound implications for how leaders approach diversity, influence, self-care, and self-management. Never has the message of this book been more relevant.


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Leadership Master Class

Join Nate and an intimate group of leader-learners on a journey of self-exploration and professional development based on the lessons from Seeing People Through. First group begins on January 21, 2021.

“Thank you Nate, for this significant contribution to PCM and for your gift to us in enhancing the quality of our lives.”

Taibi Kahler, PhD, Originator of the Process Communication Model

“Seeing People Through helped me see myself and others through a richer lens. I’m better able to bring my full self to leadership and better equipped to help others flourish on their teams as a result of Dr. Regier’s insightful book.”

~ Dan Rockwell, Author of Leadership Freak Blog and Inc Magazine Top 50 Leadership and Management Expert


Seeing People Through is a much-needed leadership guide for tapping into the power of individual differences. The Process Communication Model is genius, and Regier makes it accessible and applicable to anyone who wants to include and leverage all personality types.”

~ Daniel H. Pink, Author of the Books When, Drive and To Sell is Human

“Dr. Nate Regier brilliantly unpacks the sophistication of the Process Communication Model in a practical and easy-to-read way, leaving the reader hungry for a deeper experience of true authentic leadership.”

~ Nicole Heimann, CEO of Nicole Heimann & Partners AG, Author of How to Develop the Authentic Leader in You, Recipient of the 2019 Thinkers 50 Marshall Goldsmith Leading Global Coach Award

Seeing People Through is a must-read for organizations looking to create more empathy in their culture. In this true gem of a book, Nate Regier shows us how the Process Communication Model (PCM) goes far beyond other assessments by helping us recognize the diversity in others and within ourselves to make our own work lives richer and more meaningful. Regier helps us see PCM as a way to create self-awareness and lead others inclusively—skills that are essential for leaders and mentors everywhere.”

~ Lisa Z. Fain, CEO of Center for Mentoring Excellence, and co-author of Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring

“Nate is an expert and a go-to guy for all things PCM related. Anyone who reads Seeing People Through will benefit by becoming more informed, more passionate, and more effective as a leader.”

~ Jeff King, Head of School, MUSE School, CEO MUSE Global, Author of Beyond Drama: Transcending Energy Vampires

Seeing People Through:

Unleash Your Leadership Potential with the Process Communication Model

Today, more than ever, leaders need a new style of leadership. They are realizing that true transformation happens through meaningful relationships, and discovering that the key to sustainable connections that create possibility and potential is through communication.

In Seeing People Through, we take a deep dive into The Process Communication Model® (PCM), a behavioral communication model that teaches people how to assess, connect, motivate, and resolve conflict by understanding the personality types that make up a person’s whole self, which is the key to leveraging personality diversity.

PCM is more than a lens for understanding how people see things differently; it’s a deep journey into self-awareness and self-transformation. In this book, new emerging leaders, senior leaders, and seasoned consultants alike will develop a fresh and relevant framework on leadership that is consistent with emerging trends, and they will learn how individual and collective concerns can be reconciled in leadership.

NASA, Pixar Animation Studios, and BMW are just some of the companies who have all used PCM as a way to build better relationships through authenticity, trust, agility, and positive influence—and now you can, too!

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The Process Communication Model

PCM is an internationally acclaimed, highly reliable, behaviorally-based communication model used to individually tailor connection and motivation and build trust and rapport. PCM profiles reveal a host of insights about how a person perceives the world, how they communicate, how they are motivated and how they will behave in distress. Valid, reliable and actionable, PCM answers the “So what? Now what?” questions about how to communicate with different types of people.

About the Author

Nate Regier, Ph.D

Nate Regier, Ph.D., is the CEO and founding owner of Next Element Consulting, a global leadership firm dedicated to bringing compassion into the workplace. Dr. Regier is a former practicing psychologist and expert in social-emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, and leadership. Recognized as a Top 100 keynote speaker, he is a Process Communication Model® Certifying Master Trainer. Nate is the author of three books—Beyond Drama: Transcending Energy Vampires; Conflict Without Casualties: A Field Guide for Leading with Compassionate Accountability; and his newest book, Seeing People Through: Unleash Your Leadership Potential with The Process Communication Model. He hosts a podcast called “On Compassion with Dr. Nate,” writes a weekly blog, contributes to multiple industry publications and blogs, and is a regular guest on podcasts.

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