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PCM Leadership Profile

A leadership profile with the power of PCM

Are you maximizing your personality and the personalities of the people you lead?


Discover your unique PCM Personality Structure and unleash your leadership potential with better self-awareness, self-management, communication, positive influence, decision-making, and distress management. Build on the powerful leadership principles in the book, Seeing People Through, and the free Facilitator’s Guide.


  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Career development

Leaders will receive insight and guidance in 11 critical areas of leadership

  • Preferred communication style
  • Leadership communication assets, challenges, and blind spots
  • Perceptual filter and unconscious biases
  • Leadership character strengths
  • Leadership energy and adaptability
  • Motivational needs and motivation blind spots
  • Decision-making style
  • Stress and Distress behavior patterns with steps for getting back on track

Additional Features of the PCM Leadership Profile

  • Executive Summary
  • Action plan for leadership success and agility
  • Tips on how to reduce your risk of burnout


Live profile debriefing session and Q&A with Nate Regier, included with your purchase.

What People are Saying

I’ve been mindful of my emotional intelligence for quite a while, but it wasn’t until I discovered PCM that I made the connection between certain patterns of behavior in my life.  It isn’t enough to know what we do; PCM reveals why.

-Lance Minor, Entrepreneur


The new PCM Leadership Profile is literally a call to action for every personality type. PCM can make you a better leader, yes! But if you allow, it can also make you a better spouse, friend, citizen, and neighbor.

– Valerie Gleason, President and CEO, Newton Healthcare Corporation


We have utilized Next Element and PCM leadership coaching with individual physicians to support their improvement in leadership and communication. This includes upcoming leaders in our health system and physicians who are struggling with workplace dynamics and distress. This has rescued practices and brought back the joy of compassion to providers who had seen it slip away. This is an investment in people that makes a difference!

-Philip Newlin, MD, Chief Medical Officer


The PCM Key to Leadership Profile is a powerful tool, organized in a very useful manner. The personalized summaries regarding communication currency, character strengths, and motivators keep me mindful of my own needs. I feel good using this same awareness with others to help reduce miscommunication or manage distress behaviors. I’m excited to share more of this information with my team!

-Jamie Furbush, President/CEO, Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce


Learn More

Book author and PCM Certifying Master Trainer Nate Regier interviews the PCM originator, Taibi Kahler. Learn about how PCM was developed, and what makes this model such a powerful asset for leaders.

The PCM Leadership Profile is for one person. For each profile ordered, you will receive an email with an access code and instructions. For questions, volume discounts and group rates, contact us at 316-283-4200 or email

After your purchase you will receive instructions on how to take the online PCM assessment and schedule your debrief. The assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete.

PCM Leadership Profile is currently only available to persons living in the United States.

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